Belt Colour For Kids

A quick guide to belt levels in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids

As with most martial arts, a popular way to measure your progress in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is via the colour of your belt. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there are two different grading systems for children aged between 4-15 years of age and adults.

Belt colours for children between 4 -15 years old

There are 13 colours that children of this age range can receive and they are as follows

  • No minimum age requirements – White
  • Age between 4 – 15 years – White, Grey and white, grey, grey and black
  • Aged between 7 – 15 years – yellow and white, yellow, yellow and black.
  • Aged between 10 -15 years – orange and white, orange, orange and black
  • Aged between 13 – 15 years – green and white, green, green and black.

There’s no minimum time you are required to stay at each belt in the Children’s system outside of the minimum age requirement listed above.

Children can receive belt colours that reward progress after a white belt but before earning a blue belt, which can only be awarded to people 16 years or older.

Turning 16

Upon reaching 16 years old, your instructor will promote you to one of the adult belts mentioned above. According to current rules, these will depend on your current belt colour.

If you were previously a White belt, then your belt colour will stay white belt after turning 16.

If you have a grey, yellow, or orange belt, you will receive a blue belt upon turning 16.

If you have a green belt, then depending on your instructor’s assessment, you will receive either a blue or purple belt.

But how do you advance to the next belt level?

Each gym will operate differently, depending on what works for them. But their assessment level for advancement will be based on these key factors

  • Technical skill
  • Assessment of sparring capabilities
  • Versatility in ability
  • Duration and frequency of training

How important is your belt colour?

Moving up a level in belt level is an exciting prospect and should feel rewarding. It allows Children to measure their progress and set goals. However it is equally important to focus on the intrinsic value and benefits as previously mentioned here that Brazilian jiu jitsu can build.

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